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Patented - 316 Stainless Steel Ponds with Viewing Windows

Instantpond® Official

One of the main benefits with the instant pond developed by Atlantica Gardens Ltd is you don't have to leave your pond behind if you should decide to move. You can also relocate or extend your pond - and your koi will be back in their home in no time!

The ponds are a progression from our raised pond window frames. The ponds have the same lifetime guarantee as the frames and are laser cut from 3 mm thick 316 stainless steel, they are made to the same high standard that people have come to expect from our products.


The advantages of our Instantpond®:

• Life time guarantee - 316 stainless steel framework;

• Quick 2 hour construction time - immediate top up;

• Assemble / Dismantle - Take your pond with you if you move;

• 10ft² (3m x 3m) stock size;

• Four 7ft viewing windows -Toughened, laminated and heat soaked glass;

• Raised pond to see fish from all around the garden;

• The base: a box-welded pond liner can also be sunken below ground - Just order your required depth of box liner.20 year guarantee.

• Top & Side finishing components - 25 year guarantee ;

• If your fish get too big, you can change the size of your pond with an upgrade, by simply adding different sections and a liner.


The instant pond can be finish assembled in a mater of hours (Our best assemble time is approx 30mins), as all of the parts that can be, are pre assembled to save you time.

There is minimal site preparation even with a 4'6" deep pond it is just a case of digging to the required depth.

There are several different designs of instant pond. If you have a different design in mind just emal a drawing to us and we will let you know if we can make it for you.

Patent No GB1501181.0



• 10ft Instantpond®: 3030mm L x 760mm H - Glass Viewing Area : 2300mm W x 540mm H

• 8ft Instantpond®: 2356mm L x 760mm H - Glass Viewing Area : 1880mm W x 540mm H

• 6ft Instantpond®: 1906mm L x 760mm H - Glass Viewing Area : 1300mm W x 540mm H



• 316 Stainless Steel Corrosion Free • Life Time Guarantee



• SealEco EPDM box-welded pond liner • Level with ground • 20 year gauntee


For ponds sunken below ground please enquire for an invoice. For ponds not requiring a pond liner e.g fiberglassed over a concrete base please enquire for an invoice.


Top Finishing Components:

Millboard enhanced grain collection

With its smoother, wood-grain finish, the Millboard enhanced grain collection, available in five distinctive colours will add style and elegance to any project. Whether it is the contemporary inside/outside look, alfresco room or the classical deck, our Enhanced Grain will add elegance and style to any project.

• Environmentally Friendly • Maintenance Free • All enhanced grain boards: 176mm W x 32mm H • 25 year Guarantee


Granite / Quartz collection

Granite: 100% natural. The granite salbs are sliced from quarries, cut to size, and honed down until they are smooth

• 1. Black Starlight Granite

Quartz: 97% natural. Prominent quartz 93% natural quartz aggregates are mixed with the remaining 7% of color pigments and polymer resins. The resins bind the particles together.

• 1. Black Mirror Quartz • 2. White Mirror Quartz


Side Finishing Components:

Ibstock Brick Slip collection

Excellent durability and low maintenance of natural clay. Environmentally sensitive and sustainable manufacture to BS 14001. Slip Bricks match the equivalent standard brick for colour, size and texture. There is a wide choice making matching existing buildings easy.


• All brick slips: 215mm L x 65mm W x 20mm H • Pre-fixed to frames and carriers ready for instant construction • Please note that other sizes of slips may not fit the dimensions of the pond. • 30 year Guarantee.

• 1. Brunswick Red

• 2. Atlas Smooth Blue

• 3. Oyster White Waaldik

For custom brick slips please enquire for availabilty and price. To view more options please folow link to ibstock: brick selector.


Slate Tiles

• Spanish Cardinal Grey Slate - Premium A1-S1-T1 • 50 year Guarantee.

Youtube Video: Our first video of the bespoke instant pond from Atlantica Gardens Ltd.

The koi ponds have easy to follow fitting instructions. Any questions about fitting a instantpond just give Richard a call at Atlantica Gardens, thanks for watching.

How to seal/ fit a 316 stainless steel koi pond window using fiberglass or silicon

If you were thinking of putting a window in your raised pond, we believe the easiest way is to fit one of our patented pond window frames, they are fish friendly and have a lifetime guarantee. The installation couldn't be easier, you simply block up to the bottom of the window height, put a bed of mortar down on the blocks and level the frame on the mortar. There are lugs on the end of the frame that match the block work, so they just get built in with the wall. If you wanted an infinity style window, we send the infinity frames out as four sided for stability in transport and installation but once installed you simply angle grind through where marked to give an open top for the glass. As you can see from the video the fiberglass and the silicone for the liner adhere really well when the stainless is keyed and clean. The frames have easy to follow fitting instructions. Any questions about fitting a window just give Richard a call at Atlantica Gardens, thanks for watching.

Please use touch screen or keyboard arrows keys for navigation

How to seal a Butyl Liner to a Glass Koi Pond Window

The Gordon Low liners we sell come with a lifetime guarantee and can cope with an amazing amount of movement as shown in the video. We put three beads of Aquamate silicone onto the glass and the stainless but it is only the edge where the liner joins the two surfaces that takes all the strain so a really good grip from the silicone and a good show of strength from the liner. The piece of glass in the video weighs 30 kilos, we know the liner wont get that much movement in your pond but it's nice to know that it can bond really well just for that added peace of mind. The box liners have a 20 year guarantee and are ideal for fitting into wooden ponds where movement would be expected and also where you need a flat surface with no creases in the liner when fitting a frame for a window. The box liners when fitted to brick/block ponds can accommodate the fall to a bottom drain to make a perfect fit. It would be a massive amount of work to change the liner in a pond with this type of setup that's why we fitted a top quality liner.

Basement koi pond window: Atlantica Gardens

Our thanks to Richard Taylor for allowing us to use the video of his new outdoor koi pond seen through a basement window. I think you will agree it's turned out to be a very attractive feature. The advantage of our frames can be clearly seen here, with the glass at the front of the wall as they allow all your favourite fish to swim closer into the room for viewing. You can see a range of different size frames on our website--and thanks for watching. This frame was designed to go through a 320 mm wall so was made to 330 mm to allow for the render to go to the frame edge. The finished size of the frame was 1200 x 670 mm. So if you need a particular size you can see a range of different size frames on our website but we can make any size or type of frame to suit your needs--and thanks for watching.

Koi pond window design by Atlantica Gardens

The pond in the picture is an 80' long liner pond with 20,000 gallons. It is designed with a formal sunken garden so that a window could be fitted, the rest of the pond is grass edged and has lilies and irises of different colors as well as a variety of marginal plants for the fish to grub around in. There is a bridge over the pond which leads you down to the sunken garden and barbecue area. If you are using hollow concrete blocks and prefer to have a rendered finish and not see the frame as in the picture, you just need to key the frame and render up to a wooden guide, which will give a straight edge. This pond was rendered and painted about eight years ago and still looks good. If you have any questions about pond design or fitting a window in any type of pond just ask, if we can help we will. Thanks for watching.


Overview Instructions:

1. Level base (lawn, concrete, patio).

2. Allign pond walls - Bolt together.

4. Seal in the box-welded pond liner.

3. Slide on side finishing componants.

5. Slide on top finishing componants.

6. Top up!



Fully Detailed Instructions:

Each pond is sent out with full instructions. Please read all the instructions carefully and watch the build video before commencing. If you have any questions please contact us on 01255814101.

1. General preparation for the pond area:

If your intended site has firm soil then you will just need to level the area for the frame and the liner. If you have unstable crumbly soil you may need to put a firmer base down. If you are going to put the pond onto bricks or slabs so that you can cut the grass around the pond, you will need to level them so the frame has a flat surface to sit on. If you are having a deeper below ground box liner make sure when you lay your bricks/slabs they do not go inside the frame as this will give an uneven area for the box liner walls. Alternatively you can cut a small trench, with the inner edge in line with the inside of the frame. this needs to be about 4" deep and about 10" wide to go all around the perimeter of the pond and fill with an 8 - 1 sand/balast cement mix and level.

2. Allignment (Fixing of the pond walls and locking):

• You are now ready to place the first section of pond wall into position. This will need steadying until you have bolted the next section to it. The second section should be placed against the first, with the corners touching and pond walls at 90 degrees to each other Fig. 1. • The frames have two 10 mm diameter location holes at each end Fig. 2. Use the supplied tapered rods in the the 10 mm holes to align the frames, see Fig.2, so that the clamping bolts can be fitted. The six bolts and washers for each corner joint have collars of the correct length so when the nuts and bolts are fully tightened the neoprene seal will be compressed between the corner joint. The bolts, with washers and collars, should be placed into the holes through both frames so that the washer under the bolt heads fit flat against one frame and the collar on the bolt can be seen through the hole in the other frame, see Fig.3. Place a washer and nut onto the thread. The nuts and bolts should be hand tightened only at this stage to allow for any adjustment if needed when you later check diagonals, so that your pond will be square and the seals will be flat against the flanges. • The measurement across the diagonals of the pond (without top finishing components) is 5376 mm. Once you have the right measurement you can repeat the process for the next side. Make sure that side 1 and 3 are parallel, if not, only move side 3 as 1 and 2 are now set. Side 4 can be put in position and held while the location pins are put in the two holes of corner joint three, lightly screw the 6 bolts, nuts and washers together. Check both diagonals are the same, if any adjustment is needed ease the longer diagonal in to make them the same. You can now tighten all the bolts in turn one turn at a time, checking diagonals as you go until the nut and bolts are tight, the washers will tighten down on the bolt collars, so no need to over tighten.

3. Sealing of the corner joints:

• It is easier to put the underlay and liner in position before you seal the corner joints. Place the underlay in position, it should fit snugly into the bottom corner of the side frames remove any excess with scissors. • On the ponds that are having a liner positioned level with the surface, layout the liner with the lip facing upwards, With deeper box liners the tags will be the right spacing down from the top edge. Push the liner corner tags through the gap at the bottom of each corner under the black neoprene gasket, once through, gently pull into position from the outside. These tags once fitted into the securing slot should be turned at 90 degrees to lock into position, as shown in the video and fig 715. The securing slot is on the outside under the bottom frame clamping bolt, on the right hand clamping flange. • The side frame joints will have been pre taped down each corner, you will notice the back neoprene gasket set back sightly in the corners, this is to allow for a good bead of polymer to fill the corner. Place a piece of wood on the corner of the liner to keep it down out of the way when you apply the polymer to the corner joints. • You should apply enough polymer so that once smoothed out, the polymer will reach the tape on either side of the joint. We use the end of a polymer cartridge for smoothing out, once a smooth seal has been formed all the way up you can remove the tape and clean the cartridge of polymer ready for smoothing out the next corner. If the polymer starts to drag use clean water in a sprayer to mist it over and try again with a cleaned cartridge.

4. Sealing of the pond liner:

• The liner is in position being held with the tags, remove the wood that you placed in the corners to hold the liner ​down​ as you go around the bottom beam. Check that the surface of the liner and the beam are clean all the way round. • Apply an 8 mm bead of polymer in the position shown on the video, about 25 mm down from the top of the beam. Start where shown just before a corner , so that when you have gone all the way around you can just pull the liner away slightly and go over the first flattened bead of polymer with another application to make sure there is a continuous seal. We use a wallpaper seam roller to gently flatten the polymer as you go, if you roll it out to 1 - 2 mm thick it will give a wide bonding surface between the liner and the frame, care should be taken not to stretch the liner as you may then end up with excess liner when you reach the next corner.

5. Attaching the side finishing componants:

• The brick slip carriers can be fitted next, it is just a matter of lifting them into place. The carriers are handed and they may even have A, B, C, D, or as many letters for each corner or extension joint your particular design has they are marked left hand and right hand looking from outside the pond. Just lift them, placing the lugs on the back of the carriers into the slots on the bottom beams first then keeping the bottom edge against the pond, gently place the top of the carrier against the pond, if you then lift you will feel the carrier plate go into the slots. The plates can then be lowered into there finished locations. When fitted correctly the front surface of the bricks will be level with the window frame and the bricks over and under the window will be level with the bricks on the carriers.

6. Attaching the top finishing componants:

• One of the coping securing plates that is on the left hand end of the coping has a slot, this is to correspond with a cutout in the right hand end of one of the copings and should be positioned on the corner that would be used to enable pump cables or air stone tubes to enter the pond unnoticed and be adjacent to an electrical supply. The electric cables should be fitted by a qualified electrician and be to the regulations for your area. • The coping is the last thing to be fitted. You will notice there is a round headed screw in the middle on the underside of the board, this goes in the keyhole slot in the middle top beam. There will be an attachment plate secured to the underside of the left hand end of each coping. The 4 holes are pre-drilled in the adjoining board, do not over tighten the screws. The boards are fixed in this way to allow for the expansion and contraction rates of the different materials.​

Delivery Information:

Zone 1 Mainland England £200

Zone 2 Southern Scotland, Wales and Cornwall £250

Zone 3 Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland £340

Zone 4 Republic of Ireland £365


Lead time is now currently 6-8 weeks from date of purchase

(unless in stock at time of ordering) + delivery time.

International postage:

Please phone/ email with your address for a detailed costing and lead time. Thank you.

The following prices are a rough guide to the destinations below:

Netherlands - (Rough example price to Amsterdam) TNT 2 day air freight service is £400.00 VAT inclusive

Germany / France / Belgium - (Stuttgart) TNT 2 day air freight service £456.00 VAT inclusive.

United States of America - (New York) TNT 7-10 day air freight service £1180.00 VAT inclusive.


If you require installation please contact us.


A standard Instantpond® is delivered ready for construction comprising:

• Four 316 stainless steel walls - containing four tougherened and laminated glass viewing windows;

• SealEco EPDM box-welded pond liner base;

Finshing componants:

• Eight 316 stainless steel side plates containing brick slips from the Ibstock brick slip collection;

• Top copping from the Millboard enhanced grain collection.

Construction componants:

• 316 Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers;

• Neoprene gaskets;

• Sealant;

Instantpond® from Atlantica Gardens Ltd:
Top Finishing Components: Millboard enhanced grain collection:
Side Finishing Components: Ibstock Brick Slip collection:
Base - SealEco EPDM box-welded pond liner:
Granite / Quartz
Delivery Destination

Koi pond window payment through paypal

• Alternatively we accept bank transfer payments reducing total price by 4%. For this option please contact Atlantica Gardens Ltd on +44(0)1255814101.


• Refund and Returns Policy: Our stainless steel frames have a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and faulty workmanship. Other components sold online by Atlantica Gardens Ltd will be replaced free of charge if found to be supplied in a substandard condition or not as ordered.


Contact Information:

Atlantica Gardens Ltd

19 The Chase,Holland-on-Sea,England, CO15 5PU, UK

Telephone +44 (0)1255 814101


Terms & Conditions


Koi pond window payment through paypal

Patented - 316 stainless steel frames

International Delivery: Europe & USA

For orders please follow the link to

Koi pond window payment through paypal



These top grade 316 stainless steel frames (the only grade that doesn't corrode) with toughened, laminated and heat-soaked glass panels have been developed to make fitting a window into your pond easy. Stock sizes are for a 215mm (9") block work wall. Simply bed in and block around the frame and then silicon in the glass. This design brings your fish closer so it is much easier to carry out an inspection to check your fishes health. This koi pond window and frame comes complete with 3 tubes of Aquamate silicon, plastic packers to centralise glass and full fitting instructions. If you require a bespoke size just contact us and will make you one.



Patent No GB1410139.8

Stainless Steel Frame: 1200mm W x 600mm H x ​210mm Deep - Glass Viewing Panel : 1160mm W x 560mm H

Stainless Steel Frame: 1800mm W x 600mm H x ​210mm Deep - Glass Viewing Panel : 1760mm W x 560mm H

Life Time Guarantee 316 Stainless Steel Corrosion Free

21.5mm toughened, laminated and heat-soaked glass suitable for depths of 1 meter below the surface. For greater depths you will need thicker glass. Please ask for spec and price.


Site Prepartion

We recommend steel reinforced footings with steel rods coming up through hollow concrete blocks and filled with concrete. Please contact us if you need any more information. Call Richard on 01255814101​.



All items inclusive of delivery and tax. Dispatch time normally 10-15 working days + delivery time. Sooner if we have stock.

This item is delivered with:

316 Stainless Steel Frame; Laminated Glass; 3 Tubes of Aquamate Silicon; Plastic Packers & Full Fitting Instructions.

Top Quality Pond Liners:

EPDM. Butyl rubber. Box-welded liners. Underlay

All liners manufactured by: Gordon Low

For current prices: Please enquire

Guide Prices:

For a box liner made from .75 mm EPDM with a pond size of 2 m x 2.5 m x 1.2 m deep with a 150 mm flange around the top will be £240.00

For a box liner made from .75 mm EPDM with a pond size of 1.5 m x 5 m x 1.2 m deep with a 150 mm flange around the top will be £294.00

For a box liner made from 1 mm EPDM with a pond size of 1.5 m x 5 m x 1.2 m deep with a 150 mm flange around the top will be £340.00

For a box liner made from 1 mm EPDM with a pond size of ​ 3 m x 5 m x 1.5 m deep with a 150 mm flange around the top will be​ £423.00

For a box liner made from 1 mm EPDM with a pond size of ​ 3 m x 5 m x 1.5 m deep with a 150 mm flange around the top will be​ £500.00

For further informaton please see our pondliner page

SealEco Butyl Rubber Pond Liners - 0.75mm & 1.00MM



Gordon Low Products Ltd are a SealEco authorised prefabricator, producing Butyl rubber pond liner geomembrane sheets from raw material produced by SealEco in Sweden. In their factory in Bedfordshire they fabricate (Hot Bond Seam Weld) Butyl single sheet pond liners from 2m x 2m, up to 45m x 40m for landscaping applications. Butyl pond liner is a synthetic rubber membrane with exceptional physical properties making it the ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams. The continued rise in the cost of Butyl rubber polymer, however, limits its economical application for lining ponds that require large quantities of material.
SealEco EPDM - (Greenseal) 0.75mm and 1.00mm


Gordon Low Products Ltd are a SealEco authorised prefabricator, producing pond liner geomembrane sheets from raw material produced by SealEco in Sweden. ​Th​e​y​ fabricate (Hot Bond Seam Weld) single sheet pond liners from 2m x 2m, up to 45m x 40m for landscaping applications. SealEco EPDM (Greenseal) and Butyl pond liner are both synthetic rubber membranes with exceptional physical properties making them the ideal choice for lining ponds, lakes, lagoons and streams. Despite their different chemical compositions, they look and feel the same. Continued rise in the cost of Butyl rubber polymer limits its economical application for lining ponds that require large quantities of material. EPDM rubber, developed in 1959 has, over the last 50 years, become more widely used in building and civil engineering. As a result of higher current levels of production, EPDM has become more economical than the Butyl rubber. As a pond liner geomembrane producer ​Gorden Low​ now fabricate far more EPDM liners than Butyl liners due to the competative price and exceptional properties of EPDM that in some instances even out perform the more expensive Butyl option, which is of course still available. During production the EPDM is vulcanised (cured under pressure and heat) creating an elastic, chemically stable product with negligible aging through exposure to UV-radiation, atmosphere, chemicals, earth, water and extremes of temperature. SealEco EPDM pond liner is black in colour. The initials EPDM are derived from its major components of Ethylene, Propylene, Diene monomer and is an M class synthetic rubber. Interestingly Butyl Rubber actually has EPDM in its compound to enhance certain properties. Please Contact Richard on 01255814101 or email
Firestone EPDM - (PondGard) 1.02mm Firestone PondGard is an EPDM Geomembrane specifically designed for garden pond and lake applications. Its formulation and production process makes it perfectly compatible with aquatic life, in accordance with test reports published by the UK Water Research Centre. Firestone’s EPDM manufacturing facilities have received ISO 9001 certification for their total quality management principles and ISO 14001 certification for their environmental management systems. PondGard carries a 20 year guarantee. Flexible For Creative Design Easily shaped to fit the size and contours of any water feature, the flexibility of PondGard liners means more creative freedom and the ability to accomplish even the most challenging designs. With panels available in a variety of sizes and lengths from 1.8m (6ft) x 2.4m (8ft), up to 15.2m (50ft) x 30.5m (100ft) all available from stock for immediate despatch direct to site. PondGard Rubber Liners can be easily installed using Firestone’s dependable QuickSeam™ Tape system; which requires no special tools or utilities for installation and allows multiple panels to be joined on site for larger projects. Easy Maintenance PondGard Rubber Liners require virtually no maintenance after installation. And in the unlikely event of a puncture, the liner can be quickly repaired on-site with a self-adhesive QuickSeam Joint Cover Patch, minimizing cost and inconvenience. PondGard liners display outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow and extreme temperatures. Developed to protect against microbial attacks and algae growth, our liners contain no migrating plasticizers – which means no cracking or splitting. This means twenty years after installation; many water features built with PondGard Rubber Liner are as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed. QuickSeam™ technology Firestone QuickSeam splicing products form the best possible solution for field seaming, joining and repairing EPDM Liner. We supply the full range of these products in a variety of full pack and split pack quantities. We also provide a free quick reference seaming guide for use by Firestone trained installers in addition to the full Firestone Installation Manual.
Pond Underlay Pond Grade (150-180gsm) and Heavy Duty (250-260gsm) Geotextile Pond Underlay The high quality underlay materials we supply are all sourced from leading European manufacturers and are superior non-woven, mechanically bonded, needle-punched, polypropylene geotextiles. Our geotextile underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and liner. We recommend that our Heavy Duty Underlay is used beneath all our liners, not only to help protect liners from penetration by sharp stones, roots, etc, but also to reduce excessive localised stretching of the liner when ground settlement occurs over time. The geotextile materials we source are actually developed for commercial road building and ground stabilisation applications and are far superior to many cheaper underlay felts available for the pond liner market. We would recommend comparing technical specifications of our materials before being lead by price, remember the underlay has to protect your pond liner for the whole of its life. Please go to our downloads page for Specification Sheets to compare the Protective Properties of the materials, such as Puncture Resistance and Tensile Strength. Using cheaper underlay materials with a lower grade specification could potentially lead to a liner failure in years to come. We suggest fitting the highest grade of Underlay your budget allows.
Box-welded and tailor-made Pond liners Gordon Low Products Ltd have manufactured tailor-made (box-welded, bespoke, made-to-measure) pond liners in the UK for over 50 years. They supply the Aquatic Trade with the highest quality, tailor made pond and tank liners fabricated in their own dedicated factory here in the UK. Using either Butyl Rubber or SealEco EPDM Rubber (greenseal) from their Swedish supplier, they supply the UK Commercial and Domestic market through their large customer base of professional landscapers, trained installers and Aquatic Wholesalers. A box-welded liner is simply a prefabricated pond liner made to your exact dimensions to fit like a glove into your pond construction. All seams are full overlap factory welds (hot bond vulcanised) for maximum strength, so there are no folds or site seaming required during installation. Advantages of using a Tailor Made (box welded) Pond Liner: Perfect fit into your pond eliminating unsightly folds; Produced to order, made exactly to your dimensions; Quick and simple installation; Long Life by using high quality materials; Fully welded corners and flanges, so no site joins required; 150mm (6") top flange as standard (can be a specified size or no-flange); Wrc drinking quality grade materials can be specified; Relaxed fit (no stretching) ensures maximum life expectancy of the liner; Simple boxes to more complicated forms can be catered for, just send us a sketch for a quote. Manufacture of the liner will require accurate dimensions to be taken of the finished excavation or construction, and in some instances a template is advantageous to ensure a snug fit but we will advise when this is required. The box liners have a 20 year guarantee against UV exposure, ozone, frost, snow and extreme temperatures.
Ordering/ Pricing of Pond Liners To get a price for your sheet or box-welded liner please contact by phoning Richard on 01255814101 or email or

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